“Business Therapy”

You’re surrounded by patterns: Patterns in how you express yourself, how you structure your days, how you’ve built your business. Most of these are invisible to you. But they absolutely determine the direction your business takes, which people—clients, customers, partners, employees—you attract, and who you drive away.

Your business is no different from any other deeply personal aspect of your life: So close and ever-present that it’s difficult to see clearly.

In a “business therapy” session we’ll work together to surface your patterns, make them visible, and use them to find a genuine way for you to talk about and expand what you do.

‘He’d ask these follow-up question that at first kind of annoyed me, because I’d wonder: ‘Is this important?’ But after a while I saw the value, because he really understood what we were doing and why we were doing it. … Dave caught the little details. That’s because he spent the time either asking the questions—and not letting me off the hook with one or two word answers.’

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