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“Why don’t they understand what we do?”

All too often, the best find themselves overlooked in the marketplace while mediocre businesses flourish.

This is bad in the “B2C” world of consumer products. When it comes to cars and computers, hype and “brand loyalty” all too often trump performance and good value.

But in the business-to-business (B2B) world, we expect people to focus on their bottom line. Business leaders make rational decisions—right?

No. This problem is even worse in B2B:

Great companies are underutilized while under-performers with overpriced solutions gobble up more and more attention.

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What’s wrong? Why do third-rate providers keep landing first-rate clients and customers?

You hit all the trade shows. Your sales people work the phones. You’re running ads in all the right places, handing out business cards. You’ve tried PPC (pay-per-click) and search engine advertising. You’ve got social media channels. But too few leads are coming in, and the ones that do aren’t great.

You see people you could really help locking into long-term relationships with competitors who are charging them too much, and giving them too little.

The problem is simple:

Your ideal customers and clients—those people and organizations you can best serve—don’t understand you.

Make Yourself Understood

Once you make yourself clear to your audience, you don’t just start seeing more leads—you start seeing better leads. You’ll spend more time talking to people who will ultimately pay for your services, and less time running in circles with clients who are never going to hire you, because you simply aren’t right for them.

Your ideal clients are out there, and they’re looking for you. Make yourself easier to find and recognize.

You’re good at what you do. The right people need to understand that you’re right for them.

How do you show your ideal customers who you really are?

With thought leadership blogging.

A Thought Leadership Business Blogging Roadmap

“Thought leadership blogging” means using your company website as a platform to share your hard-earned expertise with the world. This sort of “business blogging” establishes your authority in your field, makes you more visible to search engines, and allows you to guide the conversation in your industry. It’s the number one way to increase traffic to your website and improve the quality of leads those visits generate.

Are you struggling to express yourself clearly?

Our latest free guide—Use Bold Words: Your 5-Step System for Authentic Thought Leadership Blogging —walks you through the proven writing process we use to help businesses and leaders establish authority in their field, and guide the conversation in the right direction.

The best person for the job should always be the one who wins that job. It’s only fair. You need to let people know who you are, so they can decide if you’re the best for them.

You Can Make Yourself Understood

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