A Reliable Process

We have a proven process to help you uncover your authentic voice—one that suits your business, industry, audience, and clientele

Our “Write ’til it’s Right” Guarantee

  • We Write ’til it’s Right—No revision limits. We keep working until it’s right, even if that means trashing what we’ve got to take a new approach.
  • The Price is the Price—Once we’ve agreed on a fee for a project, that fee is set in stone. No tack-ons, upcharges, upsells, or change orders.
  • No Drama!—Our goal is to find your authentic voice. I won’t let you move forward with a bad idea, but I’ll never insist it’s “my way or the highway.”

The Bold Words Four-Point Plan

  1. TalkContact us. We’ll discuss your business and project, then make a plan to move forward.
  2. Draft—Bold Words will conduct interviews and research (in consultation with you and your team), then draft an initial approach, focusing on your authentic voice.
  3. Revise—Some people like to be very hands-on, revising drafts together. Others prefer stand back, letting us use their feedback to trim and shape the copy. Either way, the “Write ’til it’s Right” Guarantee always holds.
  4. Finalize—We lock down the wording, my team does a final proofread, and then we package and deliver the copy in a format that works for you.