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We help hard-working businesses figure out how to talk to the world.


You do good work. But your ideal customers and clients—those people and organizations you can best serve—don’t know how you can help them. They might not even know you exist.

And that can cost them dearly.

It’s an increasingly confusing world. Businesses and people are struggling to stay afloat. They’re online every day looking for answers.

You can help them—but not if they can’t find you, ore make sense of how you can help. Most of the time, they don’t even have a very clear sense of the question they’re trying to answer. They are lost in the fog.

You’re good at what you do. The right people need to understand that you’re right for them.

Through our writing, coaching, and consulting services Bold Words helps our clients find the best way to communicate with the people they most need to reach.

‘Powerful analysis and compelling presentation. Wish I had your gifts for incisiveness and clarity.’

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A Reliable Process

We have a proven process to help you uncover your authentic voice—one that suits your business, industry, audience, and clientele

Our “Write ’til it’s Right” Guarantee

  • We Write ’til it’s Right—No revision limits. We keep working until we get where we need to be, even if that means trashing what we’ve got to take a new approach.
  • The Price is the Price—Once we’ve agreed on a fee for a project, that fee is set in stone. No tack-ons, upcharges, upsells, or change orders.
  • No Drama!—Our goal is to find your authentic voice. I won’t let you move forward with a bad idea, but I’ll never insist it’s “my way or the highway.”

The Bold Words Four-Point Plan

  1. TalkContact me; we’ll discuss your business and project, and make a plan to move forward
  2. Draft—Bold Words will conduct interviews and research (in consultation with you and your team), then draft an initial approach, focusing on your authentic voice.
  3. Revise—Some people like to be very hands-on, iterating through several revisions with us. Others prefer stand back, letting us use your feedback to trim and shape the copy. Either way, the “Write ’til it’s Right” Guarantee always holds.
  4. Finalize—We lock down the wording, my team does a final proofread, and then we package and deliver the copy in a format that works for you.


Write Better Blogs

Are you struggling to express yourself clearly? Do you find that people just don’t “get” your business?

Our latest guide—Use Bold Words: A 5-Step Approach to Thought Leadership Blogging—walks you through the proven writing process we use to help businesses and leaders establish authority in their field, and guide the conversation in the right direction.


“Business Therapy”

You’re surrounded by patterns: Patterns in how you express yourself, how you structure your days, how you’ve built your business. Most of these are invisible to you. But they absolutely determine the direction your business takes, which people—clients, customers, partners, employees—you attract, and who you drive away.

Your business is no different from any other deeply personal aspect of your life: So close and ever-present that it’s difficult to see clearly.

In a “business therapy” session we’ll work together to surface your patterns, make them visible, and use them to find a genuine way for you to talk about and expand what you do.

‘He’d ask these follow-up question that at first kind of annoyed me, because I’d wonder: ‘Is this important?’ But after a while I saw the value, because he really understood what we were doing and why we were doing it. … Dave caught the little details. That’s because he spent the time either asking the questions—and not letting me off the hook with one or two word answers.’

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About Me

I’m David Erik Nelson, an award-winning writer with decades of experience as an author, commercial copywriter, journalist, editor, copyeditor, and teacher. My clients include best-selling authors, noted academics, and Inc. 5000 CEOs. Let me help you find the best way to use the storyteller’s tools to communicate clearly and connect deeply with your ideal audience. 

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